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5 Critical Elements of Communications Billing Platform & Tax Engine Integration Success
Whether you have an existing communications billing platform or are considering implementing a new one, ensuring you are complementing it with the right tax engine is critical for the precision of your billing operations – and sanity. When these two systems are not perfectly in-sync, it doesn’t only mean that your workload can dramatically increase. It can also put you at a far greater risk of audit, over or underpayment of taxes, and risk of legal action.

This webinar examines in depth the top five factors leading to the successful integration between a communications billing platform and tax engine:

• Accurate Transaction Mapping
• Effective Bundling
• Clean Tax Presentment
• Complete Reporting
• Comprehensive Customer & Product Management

This session will be presented jointly by Toby Bargar, Senior Tax Solutions Consultant, Avalara for Communications and JK Chelladurai, Founder and CEO of OneBill Software.


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